Had some people brave it out on Sunday and it turned out pretty well on the river.  Not many people up there in the morning and the smoke was bad, but not quite as bad as in town.  The false cloud cover really cooled off the temperatures, it was 46 degrees when we got up there and did not get over 65 all day.  The fishing was a little slow in the mornings even though we had some fish eating bwo’s, but at about 1:00 the fishing really took off.  Bigger october caddis and smaller cdc & elk caddis worked well, but a pmd or sulphur spinner had fish really keying in on it for a couple hours in the afternoon.  Looks like the weather might be a little crazy this week, but is anyone really surprised?  A few salmon on the lower river as well so fall is happening.  Even if it does warm back up this week the fishing will stay good and might just get a little better earlier in the day. 

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