More of the same.  The last couple mornings have been pretty good.  Lots of small dries, but a small hopper with a trailer has started getting a lot of attention.  The heat coming by the end of the week is getting old, but still coming.  Last week we were getting some nights down to close to 40 degrees which was amazing.  Warmer night temps this week will slow the fishing down even in the mornings so this weekend will probably be better hiking to some mountain lakes, chasing warm water species or going to watch Colby Acuff up at the Sandpoint festival.  Just like the last few weeks if you want to get into trout get up early and get off the water early.   


*According to the inciweb sight for the Character Complex fire the Shoshone county sheriff authorized a soft closure of the river roads from Steamboat to Babin’s Junction as of last night at 6:00.  We will let you know more when we hear more, but best to avoid that area for now.*


Here is the website to see the current fires being monitored in the area.  Please be safe going into the woods and on the river, it might be a little different the next few weeks. Huge thanks to all the Firefighters and people working on the fires out there! Be safe.        

InciWeb the Incident Information System (






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