The river is in good shape for winter fishing and could be a little better after flows come up the next couple days.  However, the problem is getting to the river.  Lots of snow/ice/slush on the roads and in the pull-outs have made certain areas fairly treacherous.  The roads are icy in the shaded sections and there is very limited space to find parking with all the snow berms in the pull outs.  Also plan on walking through some fairly deep snow once you find a place to park.  It can be done though if you are willing to put the effort in.  We made the excursion a couple days ago and had a fund day.  Even found some fish.  A streamer on a sink tip through the slow water and tandem nymph rigs worked best for us. A medium to bigger stonefly nymph was top fly, but varying the smaller trailer behind picked up some stragglers as well. Floating in a smaller craft is doable if you are adventuresome, but bring some rope to put the raft in and to yank it out since you can’t get straight into the river.  Focus late morning and thru the afternoon during the warmest parts of the day.  Great to see all the snow though and hope it keeps coming.  Be safe!



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