River reports

We have great connections with other outfitters and guides and are more than happy to facilitate trips to other local areas.

The Coeur d’Alene

Reported on 12/11/2018 by Northwest Outfitters Staff
A little bump in flows from this precipitation will help.  The lower river is still in good shape.  No ice and still a few cutthroat around.  Report from yesterday was a little slow, but besides the road the conditions were great.  Mid day is your best bet and nymping...


Reported on 12/7/2018 by Northwest Outfitters Staff
Good news! They have reached a compromise and The IDFG is moving forward with the Idaho season uninterrupted maintaining a limit of one hatchery fish.  These are the two river sections that will remain closed: The Main Salmon River between Warren Creek and the Copper...

Spokane River

Reported on 12/5/2018 by Northwest Outfitters Staff
We fish mostly the Idaho side and the upper part of the Spokane in Washington, but it is a fun place to spend some time. Close to home and the warmest water around makes it a great option for a couple hours in the afternoon.  Streamers on a sink tip or double nymph...

The St. Joe

Reported on 12/5/2018 by Northwest Outfitters Staff
Pretty cold up here right now with a good amount of ice is the word.  There are closer places to find your fix even though the Joe can fish just fine in the winter as long as you find open water. See...

Clark Fork

Reported on 12/5/2018 by Northwest Outfitters Staff
Cold over here as well, but swinging a streamer or tandem nymping with rubber legs, san juan, princes, pt’s and brassies can be fun this time of year as long as the ice isn’t too bad.  Slower tailouts and inside seams will be the most consistent.  Also...
Rivers We Fish Regularly:
The staff at Northwest Outfitters regularly fish the North Fork of the Clearwater, Kelly Creek, and The Lochsa River. Call the shop to find out the fishing status of these beautiful Idaho waterways.