River reports

We have great connections with other outfitters and guides and are more than happy to facilitate trips to other local areas.

The Coeur d’Alene

Reported on 12/4/2019 by Northwest Outfitters Staff
Finally starting to come up a little bit and might get some more rain the next day or so.  Temps above freezing have this being a better option than last week.  Small tandem nymphs or swinging a streamer on a long leader or light sink tip would be the way to go. ...

Spokane River

Reported on 12/4/2019 by Northwest Outfitters Staff
Once again the Spokane can be a fun place to explore if you only have a couple hours or want to stay closer to home.  Slightly warmer temps might even mean you can be pretty comfortable while doing so.  Streamers and nymph rigs will be the go to unless you find a pod...


Reported on 11/30/2019 by Northwest Outfitters Staff
CLEARWATER CLOSED TO FISHING! The Ronde was starting to get icy yesterday. Some ice along the banks and the slush coming down the middle.  Next week looks like it might warm up a  bit, but the river needs to come up and flush out before it gets back to being a good...

The St. Joe

Reported on 11/27/2019 by Northwest Outfitters Staff
River should be icing up the next couple days.  Pretty chilly over here so unless you are spending the holiday close to the river there are other places closer that are worth spending some time. See Map
Rivers We Fish Regularly:
The staff at Northwest Outfitters regularly fish the North Fork of the Clearwater, Kelly Creek, and The Lochsa River. Call the shop to find out the fishing status of these beautiful Idaho waterways.