River reports

We have great connections with other outfitters and guides and are more than happy to facilitate trips to other local areas.


Reported on 01/15/2020 by Northwest Outfitters Staff
The Clearwater is open for Steelheading.  Copy and past for the 2020 winter season regs:  https://idfg.idaho.gov/fish/steelhead/rules Haven’t heard as much the last few days.  The water temp on the clearwater really tanked the last couple days which will slow...

The Coeur d’Alene

Reported on 01/15/2020 by Northwest Outfitters Staff
Been slow the last couple days with the cold and snow, but it looks like we might be avoiding the frigid weather that was supposed to be coming.  Once temps get back around 40 during the day the winter fishing should be back.  Bigger stonefly nymphs with a smaller...

Spokane River

Reported on 01/15/2020 by Northwest Outfitters Staff
We haven’t spent as much time on the Spokane as usual this winter since the conditions have allowed for some great options else where, but it is a great place close to town and the mild temps have the fish pretty grabby.  Streamers and nymphs will continue to...

The St. Joe

Reported on 11/27/2019 by Northwest Outfitters Staff
River should be icing up the next couple days.  Pretty chilly over here so unless you are spending the holiday close to the river there are other places closer that are worth spending some time. See Map
Rivers We Fish Regularly:
The staff at Northwest Outfitters regularly fish the North Fork of the Clearwater, Kelly Creek, and The Lochsa River. Call the shop to find out the fishing status of these beautiful Idaho waterways.