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The Coeur d’Alene

On the drop and starting to really shape up.  Wading is getting better higher up and floating is great down low.  Hopefully the dropping flows slow a little bit, but it feels like we have turned the corner.  The unsettled weather has made it a little spotty the last couple days, but there seem to be more fish around.  The last couple days have had some sporadic dry fly activity depending where on the river you are, but mostly smaller mayflies and caddis.  Blue wings, March browns, pmd’s, caddis and some smaller stones have been working when you find some fish up.  A bigger stonefly with a bead dropper is a good way to prospect when you don’t see heads up.  Water temps are still a little cold so double nymph rigs getting down a little deeper have been more consistent especially higher in the drainage.  Looks like a little more rain in the forecast, but perfect spring conditions heading into Memorial weekend.

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