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The Coeur d’Alene

Still getting some good reports for this time of year.  The river has peaked for now around 2750 cfs at Enaville and supposed to hover for a few days if we don’t get too much rain.  The main river still has good clarity and the fishing should stay pretty decent if it doesn’t come up to much more.  Cold nights and cold water coming in from the tribs is going to keep this a nymphing/streamer for now, but the you might see some heads up here and there in the sunny sections on the warmer days.  Easier to get around the lower river since the low snow is leaving, but still plenty of snow once you get up a little higher and in the shaded spots. Just remember to look for the slow seams, banks, eddies and pools this time of year.  You won’t find much action in the current until things warm up.

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